Nostradamus Methods of Prophecy

People think that Nostradamus was trance connector who communicated with supernatural beings and spirits to make the future predictions. There are also believes that he used special methods in his foretelling such as spirit guide, hosting him in the body and asking him about future events. The astrologer used two main methods to come to an unconscious state called trance- one of them is staring into a flame, the other- staring into the water. Nostradamus also followed some practices of Oracle of Delphi; he sat feet flat on the floor with a straight spine on a stool (tripod) whose legs were angled at the exact degrees as the Egyptian pyramids. This stool was intended to make an electromagnetic power to open the door to the Supernatural.

This process is described in his quatrains of Century 1:

Sitting alone at night in secret study;
It is placed on the brass tripod.
A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and makes
Successful that which should not be believed in vain.

The wand in the hand is placed in the middle of the tripod’s legs.
With water he sprinkles both the hem of his garment and his foot.
A voice, feat: he trembles in his robes.
Divine splendor; the God sits nearby.

In his prophetic work he placed a bowl with water and special oils on a tripod, and nutmeg considering that they were making the process of coming into trance easier. Nutmeg was used as a hallucinogen.

In his famous letter to Henry the second, Nostradamus wrote about his prophetic work: “I emptied my soul, brain and heart of all the care and attained a state of tranquility and stillness of mind which are prerequisites for predicting by means of the brass tripod”.

We can consider the methods, used by astrologer doubtful, still they exist even nowadays and used by famous prophets.


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Nostradamus and his Predictions

Nostradamus, one of the most intriguing ever living astrologers and physician whose book of prophecies, “The Centuries”, is claimed by many to have foretold the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler, and other crucial historical events. Skeptics analyzing Nostradamus’ life and times of contemporary beliefs in magic and astrology, say that Nostradamus used his skills as a physician and poet to become a cherished counselor to the courts of Europe.    They uncover some of the tricks used by Nostradamus to make his prophecies seem authentic, and the rationalizations of his predictions by his followers through the centuries. However, four hundred years after his death, Nostradamus continues to fascinate us and his magnificent figure still makes us admire him and give praise to his studies.

Michel Nostradamus is the most famous prophet and astrologer in all of history. He is respected by his believers for predictions of the death of Henry II, the invention of the hot-air balloon, the flight and capture of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the execution of Charles I of England, Napoleon Bonaparte and the imprisonment of the Popes, the life and death of Elizabeth I, among other things. Some of predictions are scary; – the prediction regarding World War 3.

Many researches and authors tried to sort out deceitful editions of Nostradamus’ writings with changes and predictions added long after his death. They uncovered many errors in various books regarding Nostradamus and his visions of the future, still lots of people consider his writings awesome, filling with respectful wonder.

Nostradamus’ prophecies as seen by skeptics were cleverly vague that almost any event could be said to have been predicted by him. Some of his more specific prophecies were actually done after the predicted event, or else never came true. Several famous prophecies were modified, or made up, by other people, long after Nostradamus had died. Nevertheless, Nostradamus is extremely accurate about his predictions, many other important events in the past were accurately predicted, he even predicted the time of his death.


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Nostradamus’s Biography -Most Interesting Facts

World’s most famous author of prophecies – Michel de Nostredame (December 14, 1503 – July 1, 1566) was born in Saint – Remy –de – Provence in the south of France in a big family. His mother – Reynière de Saint-Rémy and his father was grain dealer and notary Jaume de Nostredame.

When he was sixteen, Nostradamus entered the University of Avignon to study for his baccalaureate, but left the University because of the outbreak of the plague. During next eight years he travelled and made researches in herbal remedies. In 1529 he entered the University of Montpellier to continue his studies of medicine. Soon after that he was expelled from the university due to the discovered fact of his manual trade of the herbs which was strictly forbidden by the university authorities.

Nostradamus worked as an apothecary and a heeler, and created a famous “rose pill” which was believed to protect from the plague disease.

In 1531 Nostradamus became a member of Renaissance scholar in Agen, where he married a woman – Henriette d’Encausse. He lived there for some time with his wife and two children, until they died from the unknown disease. After their deaths, he travelled through France and Italy and returned only in 1545.

From 1545, he assisted the famous physician Louis Serre, together they fought against plague outbreak in Marseille, Salon-de-Province, where he settled and married a rich widow – Anne Ponsarde. She bore him six children. In this period of his life he began writing and his first occult work was almanac for 1550, which was met with success. He published it under the Latin name Nostradamus.

Nostradamus wrote at least 6,338 prophecies in his almanacs; he also made eleven annual calendars, all starting on 1 January. Soon the noble and rich persons started asking for horoscopes and “psychic” advice from him.

At that time he then began his project of writing a book of one thousand verses – the largely undated prophecies for which he is most famous today. He used word games and a mixture of many different languages (Greek, Latin, and Italian) in his work.

The verses published in a book titled “The Prophecies” had a great impact on public; common people considered Nostradamus a servant of devil, a fake, or insane, and the elite met his spiritually-inspired prophecies with approval.

Catherine de Medicis was one of the most famous Nostradamus followers. She asked him to explain his prophecies and to draw up horoscopes for her children. Catherine made him Counselor and Physician-in-Ordinary to her son, the young King Charles.

Nostradamus suffered from gout for many years and died in 1566. He was buried in the local Franciscan chapel in Salon and re-interred in the time of the French Revolution in the Collegiale Saint –Laurent.

He is most famous for his book Les Propheties, which consists of rhymed quatrains (4-line poems) grouped into sets of 100, called Centuries.

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Nostradamus- Mysterious Personality

Nostradamus – his name is mysterious for most of the people, it fills us with wonder; it makes us think about our past, present and future life.

He is believed to predict a great variety of events in world history, including the French Revolution, the atom bomb, Adolf Hitler’s appearance and the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Some skeptics however think that this prominent mystic figure is accurate at predicting events after they happen.

Nostradamus’s life, books, researches are the subject of great interest among different people of different nations and religions. His prophecies are largely used in popular culture (films, books, fiction and nonfiction, his life and writings) in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Nostradamus is a very interesting and mystic person, lots of people both skeptics and enthusiasts are attracted by his name and his biography. This site will give you most accurate and full information about his personality and doings.


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